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  • Sentra Menteng Niaga Ruko, BI MN 56 Sektor VII
    Jl. Dr. Sam Ratulangi, Bintaro Jaya Sektor VII
    (021) 7486-4014

    Bersih Sehat

    Category: Spa & Beauty
    01 Jun 2015

    Best family massage!

    My most favourite escape place to have my "me time" & relaxing day Winking

    Place : very clean, tidy & very nice smell because of the aromatheraphy
    Therapist : Usually I asked the senior one : very professional, give the right stroke & technique to the tired body area, very polite. After getting message done, usually they put warm towel and give a massage with that warm towel...hmm...so relaxing...
    Facility : drinking water for free, free aromatheraphy (you can choose to mix together into the massage cream or use it with burner), bathroom (including cold & hot water, soap & shampoo, talcum powder, cotton bud, lotion, hair comb), free after massage drink (warm ginger or tea)

    Overall, good price for a great service! Psst.. they sell Bersih Sehat voucher book which contains 10pcs voucher. Each voucher valids for 1 hour massage, cheaper than reguler price.

    Note : better make a reservation first.

    Surrounding facility : salon (after the massage, you can do creambath, manicure, pedicure, hair coloring, hair cut, etc) & Midori restaurant (good japanese restaurant)
    Pros: Very clean place, professional therapist, free aromatherapy, free drink, complete bathroom amenities
    Cons: None
  • Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall (BX Mall), 1st Fl
    Jl. Boulevard Bintaro Jaya, CBD Boulevard Bintaro Jaya, Sektor VII
    (021) 2986-4984

    Wing Stop

    Category: Restaurant
    28 Oct 2014

    American Style Chicken Wing

    Finally, it's winging in Bintaro! Winking This is the only american style (and taste) chicken wing chain resto in Jakarta. They have 10 flavors that will shock your tastebud, yes...shocking as it will not taste like what most Indonesian tastebud ever taste before, starts with "Teriyaki" (the most sweet & mild one), "Hawaiian", "Garlic Parmesan", "Lemon Pepper", "Hickory Smoked BBQ", "Mild", "Lousiana Rub", "Original Hot", "Cajun", "Atomic" (the hottest one). If it said "hot", please do not expect it as common "hot" flavor we usuallly taste in Indonesia. American style "hot" related to pepperish and sourly taste.

    The wings are freshly made, hand-sauced & tossed, no heat lamps. Every order is made fresh when you order it, nothing sits under a heat lamp. So, freshness is guarantee, guys... Winking

    My favourite is "Garlic Parmesan" and "Mild" one. Especially when it dips into the mouthwatering "Honey Mustard" dip or "Hot Aged Cheddar Cheese" dip...hmmm...so yummy! Loving it to the bone!
    Wing Stop has 3 special dips : "Honey Mustard", "Creamy Ranch", "Hot Aged Cheddar Cheese", all yummy but the most yummy for me are their signature "Honey Mustard", simply humble but great taste... Happy
    Beside the classic chicken wing with bone attched, Wing Stop also offers Boneless Chicken Wing, Drumstick, Chicken Strip. All can be covered by your favourite sauce and can be matched with your favourite dip.

    For Indonesian, it will be a bit high cost as 5 wings cost around Rp.40,000,-, that's wings only, not including side dishes and drink. But for me, the price suits for madely fresh and great taste experience... Winking
    Pros: Great american taste chicken wings and signature dips
    Cons: A bit costly
  • Jl. K.H. Wahid Hasyim No. 106, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10340
    (021) 390-0204

    Bersih Sehat

    Category: Spa & Beauty
    28 Oct 2014

    Clean and comfortable massage

    The place is quite hidden, it is on the opposite of Seven Eleven and Oria Hotel, in the same building as Midori (japanese restaurant) and Resto Ngalam (east java food stall).

    Love the aromatheraphy smell..so relaxing.., comfortable ambience, cozy bed, good therapist, clean room & bathroom, complete amenities, warm ginger drink after session... it really suits the name "Bersih Sehat" equals to "Clean Healthy". I feel so fresh and relax after my visit here. Definetly will come back for next visit.

    P.S : communicate with your therapist to get proper massage that suits you, because every people has different tolerance in accepting massage. If the massage suits you, I guarantee you can feel relax and fresh after the session, just like me... Winking
    Pros: skillful massage, comfortable ambience, relaxing aromatherapy, clean room & bathroom, ginger drink
    Cons: hidden place