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  • Sentra Menteng Niaga Ruko, BI MN 56 Sektor VII
    Jl. Dr. Sam Ratulangi, Bintaro Jaya Sektor VII
    (021) 7486-4014

    Bersih Sehat

    Category: Spa & Beauty
    01 Jun 2015

    Best family massage!

    My most favourite escape place to have my "me time" & relaxing day Winking

    Place : very clean, tidy & very nice smell because of the aromatheraphy
    Therapist : Usually I asked the senior one : very professional, give the right stroke & technique to the tired body area, very polite. After getting message done, usually they put warm towel and give a massage with that warm towel...hmm...so relaxing...
    Facility : drinking water for free, free aromatheraphy (you can choose to mix together into the massage cream or use it with burner), bathroom (including cold & hot water, soap & shampoo, talcum powder, cotton bud, lotion, hair comb), free after massage drink (warm ginger or tea)

    Overall, good price for a great service! Psst.. they sell Bersih Sehat voucher book which contains 10pcs voucher. Each voucher valids for 1 hour massage, cheaper than reguler price.

    Note : better make a reservation first.

    Surrounding facility : salon (after the massage, you can do creambath, manicure, pedicure, hair coloring, hair cut, etc) & Midori restaurant (good japanese restaurant)
    Pros: Very clean place, professional therapist, free aromatherapy, free drink, complete bathroom amenities
    Cons: None
  • Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall (BX Mall), 1st Fl
    Jl. Boulevard Bintaro Jaya, CBD Boulevard Bintaro Jaya, Sektor VII
    (021) 2986-4984

    Wing Stop

    Category: Restaurant
    28 Oct 2014

    American Style Chicken Wing

    Finally, it's winging in Bintaro! Winking This is the only american style (and taste) chicken wing chain resto in Jakarta. They have 10 flavors that will shock your tastebud, yes...shocking as it will not taste like what most Indonesian tastebud ever taste before, starts with "Teriyaki" (the most sweet & mild one), "Hawaiian", "Garlic Parmesan", "Lemon Pepper", "Hickory Smoked BBQ", "Mild", "Lousiana Rub", "Original Hot", "Cajun", "Atomic" (the hottest one). If it said "hot", please do not expect it as common "hot" flavor we usuallly taste in Indonesia. American style "hot" related to pepperish and sourly taste.

    The wings are freshly made, hand-sauced & tossed, no heat lamps. Every order is made fresh when you order it, nothing sits under a heat lamp. So, freshness is guarantee, guys... Winking

    My favourite is "Garlic Parmesan" and "Mild" one. Especially when it dips into the mouthwatering "Honey Mustard" dip or "Hot Aged Cheddar Cheese" dip...hmmm...so yummy! Loving it to the bone!
    Wing Stop has 3 special dips : "Honey Mustard", "Creamy Ranch", "Hot Aged Cheddar Cheese", all yummy but the most yummy for me are their signature "Honey Mustard", simply humble but great taste... Happy
    Beside the classic chicken wing with bone attched, Wing Stop also offers Boneless Chicken Wing, Drumstick, Chicken Strip. All can be covered by your favourite sauce and can be matched with your favourite dip.

    For Indonesian, it will be a bit high cost as 5 wings cost around Rp.40,000,-, that's wings only, not including side dishes and drink. But for me, the price suits for madely fresh and great taste experience... Winking
    Pros: Great american taste chicken wings and signature dips
    Cons: A bit costly
  • Breeze BSD City, The
    Jl. Grand Boulevard, BSD City
    (021) 5038-5385

    Gubug Makan Mang Engking

    Category: Restaurant
    30 Oct 2013

    Gurame Cobek yang mantab!

    Yap! Sesuai headline saya, Gurame Cobek ini adalah menu andalan Gubug Mang Engking. Gurame digoreng garing, lalu disiram bumbu cabe cobek yang puedeees, seger dan enak banget! Guramenya tidak bau tanah & garing, bumbu cobeknya meresap ke dalam, hmmm...enak banget. Bahkan saya yang sebenarnya tidak kuat pedas, tapi sampai rela makan sambil "nangis" saking nikmatnya makan Gurame Cobek ini pakai nasi panas. Muantaaabb! Winking

    Menu andalan keduanya Udang Bakar Madu. Cocok banget sebagai penetralisir kepedasan Gurame Cobek tadi. Udang masih dengan kulitnya ditusuk pakai tusukan sate (1 tusuk isi 4 udang, 1 porsi isi 4 tusuk), lalu dibakar dengan bumbu bakar madu yang berlimpah. Udangnya matang sampai ke dalam dengan dagingnya yang empuk & bumbunya juga meresap..Hmmm...krenyes2, wangi & manis, pastinya mantab bgt deh...

    Tempatnya juga enak banget, asri...bikin mata sueger. Tempat makannya pun bervariasi : ada banyak gubug2an yang dibangun di atas kolam ikan, ada private room, ada meja payung, ada juga ruangan model restorannya. Pokoknya lengkap untuk segala suasana dan acara deh.

    Walaupun harga agak sedikit di atas harga standar, tetapi dengan rasa makanan & suasana yang asri, rasanya it's worth every penny... Winking)
    Pros: Gurame Cobek & Udang Bakar Madu yang mantab, tempat asri
    Cons: harga agak mahal
  • Jl. K.H. Agus Salim No. 16
    Sabang, Menteng
    (021) 3190-9015

    The Baked Goods

    Category: Restaurant
    08 Feb 2012

    Yummy Cheese Cake, Cozy Space!

    This cake shop has a sweet white-ivory interior and cozy space to hang around in tea time. Their cheese cake is simply yummy too...Love it!
    Pros: yummy cheese cake
  • Pondok Indah Mall 2, 3rd Fl Unit 346
    Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
    (021) 7592-0608

    Mr. Curry

    Category: Restaurant
    14 Nov 2011

    Doria Mania!

    Yup! I love Mr.Curry's Doria so much (especially Mushroom and Prawn Doria)!! Baked Japanese curry rice top with generous mozarella cheese with varieties of topping, who can resist it ?! The look of their Doria is very tempted, but the taste is beyond tempted...thanks to their Japanese curry gravy recipe and generous portion of mozarella that perfectly blend in your mouth...mmm...simply delicious!

    Japanese curry is different than Indian curry...not everybody like Indian curry (though I love it too ;p) because of their so many herbs and spices thing. Japanese curry has soft texture and has a sweet, and not too many herbs and spices going around. It's more acceptable to most of tongues.

    Besides Doria, Mr.Curry also offers many different dishes, such as : varieties of Curry Rices, Naan Bread, Curry Dons, Curry Spaghetti, Pilafs, Omurices, Ramens, and many more. The curry spiciness level can be choose from 4 levels available.

    The desserts here are not to be missed, so make sure you left some space to take a bite on their desserts. Wasabi Cheese Cake, Red Pepper Stick Cake, Manggo Lassie, Green Tea Ice Cream Dorayaki are some of their interesting desserts worth to try.

    But once again, my highlight is always their Doria! LOVE...LOVE...LOVE it! Winking)
    Pros: Yummy Japanese curry recipe
    Cons: small space resto, long serving time
  • Jl. Kendedes No. 5
    (0361) 748-2100
    (0812) 3678-7117

    Warung Satria

    Category: Restaurant
    06 Sep 2011

    Nasi campur bali fav.

    Kalau ke Bali tapi gak makan Nasi Campur Bali, rasanya kurang lengkap. Karenanya setiap kali ke Bali, saya selalu sempatkan makan di Warung Satria ini. Restonya sederhana dan tidak terlalu besar, tapi Nasi Campur Balinya menurut saya paling enak & pas. Bumbu rempahnya & rasa pedasnya tidak berlebihan. Sepiring Nasi Campur Bali terdiri dari : nasi hangat, urap bali, telur balado bali, ikan garing, ayam suwir, kacang tanah goreng + sambal matah, plus sate lilit yang khas banget. Sepintas sepertinya menu yang biasa saja, tetapi begitu dimakan, mmm...enak banget deh!

    Menu lainnya yang gak kalah enaknya : Ayam Betutu. Hati-hati bagi yang tidka terlalu suka rempah-rempah karena Ayam Betutu ini penuh rempah, yang untuk sebagian orang (termasuk saya) justru membuat rasa makanannya jadi lebih khas enaknya.

    Resto ini halal kok, jadi jangan khawatir... Winking Selain itu harganya juga bersahabat.
    Pros: Nasi Campur Bali & Ayam Betutu
  • Pondok Indah Mall 2, 1st Fl Unit 124
    Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
    (021) 7592-0800

    Sushi Tei

    Category: Restaurant
    08 Aug 2011

    Fav.sushi resto

    My fav.big lunch menu starts with
    1. Edamame : fresh and delicious japanese soy bean
    2. Chuka Idako : baby octopus, continue with
    3. Salmon Sashimi : fresh sliced salmon & Maguro Sashimi : fresh sliced tuna,
    4. Sanshoku Salmon : Salmon Sushi top with 3 kind of smelt roe,
    5. Jumbo Dragon Roll : crab meat, ebi tempura, tanuki sushi roll topped with eel and avocado or Special Unagi Roll (eel sushi), add with
    6. Salmon Skin Fried : the crunchiest salmon skin deep fried, and end up with
    6. Macha Ice Cream : green tea ice cream

    Mmm...truly satisfy my appetite! Winking
  • Jl. Benda No. 28
    Jagakarsa, Ciganjur
    (021) 7888-2226
    (021) 7888-2227


    Category: Restaurant
    05 Aug 2011

    Choux Mignon & irish Coffe Cake DAHSYAT

    Pertama kali ngerasain Choux Mignon-nya karena dikasih teman. Adonan sus mini yang pas teksturnya dipadu dgn isi fla vanilla dengan rhum asli, yang lansung meleleh di mulut...duesshh!!! DAHSYAT rasanya! Setara dengan rasa kue sejenis di hotel bintang lima.

    Hari berikutnya saya langsung pesen Irish Coffee Cake, yang katanya termasuk salah satu menu favoritnya juga. Besok paginya sesuai waktu yang saya minta pada saat memesan, datang deh Irish Coffee Cake-nya dalam box karton tebal nan cantik dihiasi pita simpel dan masih dalam keadaan dingin. Memang cake buatan mereka harus masuk lemari pendingin supaya tekstur dan rasanya tetap mantap.

    Singkat cerita, saya akhirnya makan si Irish Coffee Cake itu sore harinya, dan mmm....memang DAHSYAT rasanya! Whisky-nya terasa dan paduan semua bahannya terasa pas di mulut, tidak terlalu manis tidak terlalu pahit, tidak terlalu lembek tidak terlalu keras, pokoknya ueeennaaakk tenan!

    Jarang nemuin toko kue rumahan yang menyajikan kue hotel bintang lima dengan bahan-bahan kue yang berstandar bagus (kelihatan dari rasa & tekstur kuenya) plus packaging yang cantik pula.

    Saya langsung menjadwalkan untuk coba menunya yang lain nih...apalagi setelah lihat katalognya yang sangat menggiurkan itu...
    Pros: bahan kue kualitas baik, rasa kue yang DAHSYAT
    Cons: biaya kirirmnya agak mahal
  • BRI II Center Park, 7th Fl
    Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 44 - 46
    (021) 5785-3365

    Little Sheep Chinese Shabu Shabu

    Category: Restaurant
    05 Aug 2011

    Best Mongolian Hot Pot with many Herbs

    Love half-half (original and spicy) broth with many kind of herbs in it!!! Add some extra garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce to adjust the taste to your liking. The generous portion of tender and juicy meats and vegetables in all you can eat menu are SUPERB!

    For a non herbs lover, try the La Mian series. They are very delicious. The La Mian is homemade and, for me, has a perfect soft texture. I recommend "You Po Mian with Beef", wide homemade noodle, with some homemade dried chili powder, sliced beef, and vegetable, tastes different yet delicious than any other la mian I ever ate. Not mentioned fresh real chicken broth as the side dish, which you can take after you eat the noddle, not pour it together in the noodle as in any usual La Mian.

    If you are a Herbs lover, this Mongolian Hot Pot surely your perfect choice to soothing your tired body and mind Winking
    Pros: Very unique and delicious dish, homemade noodle with perfect texture
    Cons: For those non herbs lover, beware of generous portion of herbs
  • Jl. CBD Bl J No. 2
    Bintaro Jaya Sektor IX
    (021) 7486-4474
    (021) 7486-4475

    Anita Salon

    Category: Spa & Beauty
    04 Aug 2011

    Great Service at A Friendly Cost

    Ketika stres menyerang, cobain ke salon ini deh. Ambil paket perawatan-nya...rata-rata produk yang salon ini gunakan merupakan racikan aromatherapy sendiri.

    Biasanya saya mulai dengan facial (Bersihin muka-pijat dengan krem khusus-totok-masker), lalu dilanjutkan dengan steam badan, pijat dengan minyak aromatheraphy, lulur (ada berbagai macam luluran racikan sendiri yang wanginya enak banget), ear candling, mandi susu/mandi herbal, and last but not least, creambath + meni-pedi. Untuk creambath, saya suka Creambath Aromatheraphy-nya...menggunakan minyak aromatheraphy khusus untuk kulit kepala & rambut yang dipanaskan di tungku dengan lilin kecil, hangat & harumnya, mmm...bisa bikin pikiran relax deh... Dan hebatnya, semua perawatan yang sangat menyenangkan itu cuma sekitar 200-300rban! Surely great service at a friendly cost!

    salah satu service yang rekomen lagi adalah Thai Herbal Spa. Pijat menggunakan kantung berisi racikan herbal & aromatheraphy yang dipanaskan dengan di-steam, bikin badan segeeerr seketika!
    Pros: service bagus, produk racikan aromatheraphy, harga ok
    Cons: kalau weekend penuh banget