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  • La Maison Building, 1st Floor
    Jl. Barito II No. 56
    (021) 8065-8181
    (021) 8065-8182

    ABRACO Bistro & Bar

    Category: Restaurant
    01 Apr 2017

    Nice Restaurant

    They have good food and ambience. It is nice in the afternoon to see the outside view from the bar.
    Pros: Good service
    Cons: none
  • Senayan City, 4th Floor #80
    Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
    (021) 7278-1410
    (021) 7278-1411

    Shaburi Shabu Shabu

    Category: Restaurant
    04 Feb 2016

    Puas Makan Wagyu Beef

    Di restaurant ini bisa puas makan wagyu beef karena sekali bayar dan makan buffet sepuasnya. Bisa pilih kaldu sup shabu-shabu nya. Tiap orang dapat satu kompor dan personal modelnya. Jadi tiap orang bisa pilih kaldu supnya sendiri-sendiri. Recommended untuk makan dengan teman atau keluarga. Kualitas makanan di buffet juga bagus, gorengannya juga enak bagi yang suka.

    Tiap meja dibatasin waktu makannya hanya 90 menit, cukup waktu sih untuk makan karena self service dan cepat masak sendiri.
    Pros: Shabu-shabu yang good deal
    Cons: Tidak Ada
  • Jl. Batu Ceper Raya No. 42
    (021) 345-5959
    (021) 386-4838

    Sinar Medan

    Category: Restaurant
    04 Feb 2016

    Tim Ikan Khas Medan

    Bagi siapa yang ingin makan makan Chinese Food ala Medan, maka saya recommend untuk makan di Sinar Medan. Ini restaurant sudah lama sekali dan makanannya cukup enak. Makanan yang direkomen adalah: tim ikan nila saus Medan, udang pete tauco, fuyung hai medan dan bakmi goreng. Tentunya makanan yang lainnya juga enak, akan dicoba di lain waktu Happy

    Restaurant ini cukup bersih juga dan terang. Cocok untuk makan dengan teman atau keluarga. Harganya terjangkau dan porsi banyak; jadi recommended lah ini tempat makan.
    Pros: Good Food and Good Price
    Cons: Tidak Ada
  • SCBD, Lot 21
    Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 - 53
    (021) 515-5302

    Batik Kuring

    Category: Restaurant
    26 Jan 2016

    Indonesian Seafood

    Tempat ini dulunya Sari Kuring. Makanannya enak dan highly recommended bagi orang yang ingin makan seafood ala Indonesia dan berkantor di area Sudirman. Ikan bakar, udang bakar juga tersedia di resturant ini.

    Karena mungkin masih baru setelah renovasi, maka tempat ini masih dalam kondisi bersih dan nyaman(AC juga dingin). Area merokok juga ada di outdoor.

    Pelayan butuh training karena agak kurang paham terhadap isi menu.
    Pros: Seafood Bakar
  • Jl. Gereja Theresia No. 41
    (021) 390-1511
    (021) 573-4081

    Gado Gado Boplo

    Category: Restaurant
    19 Oct 2015

    Enak juga ketopraknya

    Saya memang sudah lama tidak ke restaurant ini. Saya coba makan yang di Gereja Theresia dan ternyata masih enak makanannya. Saya hanya coba ketopraknya dan recommended bagi orang yang ingin makan ketoprak di tempat yang bersih. Jangan pesan satenya karena kurang enak.

    Tempat suasana ya standard karena typical restaurant makanan lokal. Untuk tempat meeting di area Menteng juga bisa.
    Pros: Ketoprak dan Gado-gado
  • Plaza Senayan Arcadia, 1st Fl Unit X 110
    Jl. New Delhi No. 9, Pintu I Gelora Bung Karno
    (021) 5790-1461


    Category: Restaurant
    16 Jan 2015

    Great Sushi

    Want to eat very nice sushi in Jakarta? I'd recommend to eat in this restaurant. They have fresh raw fish for their sushi and also a Japanese chef working at the sushi bar. The restaurant itself has a nice ambient, quite and not many people. So, recommended if you plan to have a business meeting or bring your date for a nice dinner. I saw some private rooms are also available.

    The only things that I don't like about this restaurant is the waitress. There are some but they just like to chat among themselves and don't pay attention to the customers. I quess one of them is fresh from a village, I had to speak slowly with my Indonesian language in order for her to understand what I asked for.
    Pros: Excellent taste of Sushi
    Cons: Lousy waitresses and high price
  • Tentrem Yogyakarta Hotel
    Jl. AM. Sangaji No. 72 A
    (0274) 641-555

    Grand Duck King, The

    Category: Restaurant
    26 Jan 2014

    Fine Dining Restaurant in Yogyakarta

    If you are looking for a fine dining restaurant in Yogyakarta, this restaurant would be the place. Either for a private meeting, entertain your guests, have a date or special event. Nice impressive design for a city like Yogyakarta. Most restaurants in Yogyakarta have traditional designs. But this restaurant has a bright modern design.

    The dishes are the same as any other Duck King restaurants in Jakarta. So, food quality was great and the service was excellent by the waiters. Properly done. We were happy with the food and service.

    The price was also ok if you compare to the restaurants in Jakarta. However, might be very expensive for local people in Yogyakarta.

    I would recommend to visit this restaurant in Yogyakarta if you miss Chinese food or dim sum.
    Pros: Great Chinese Food
    Cons: Price is Quite High for Yogyakarta
  • Plaza Senayan, B Fl
    Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
    (021) 5790-0063

    Genki Sushi

    Category: Restaurant
    26 Jan 2014

    New Sushi Place in Town

    First day it was opened, I went to this new sushi place in Plaza Senayan mall. Looked forward to try this new joint Happy

    When we came during dinner time, only 4 tables were occupied. Started to order, they gave us an iPad Mini covered with Otterbox strong case. Perhaps, they were afraid if people start dropping the iPad Mini when ordering. We were very impressed with the menu application to order the food in this restaurant. You select items and at the end press confirm to submit orders. You could add more orders later on when you are still hungry. No need waiters here in order taking and I think most people could use this menu application with no problem at all.

    When they deliver the food to your table, they use very interesting mechanism. The sushi boat will just stop at your table and grabbed your sushi plates; then press a button to send back the sushi boat to the kitchen.

    The sushi themselves, big sizes for sushi lovers. Much much bigger size than other Japanese restaurants in Plaza Senayan mall. I need to visit for the second time to proof because my visit was my first time visit on the first day they opened.

    People have to pay at the cashier which is uncommon in Jakarta with this level of restaurant and price. They charge expensive even though this is like a fast-food type of restaurant. They charge like a full service restaurant.

    I would come back to this restaurant just to have a very very quick lunch/dinner.
    Pros: Good Sushi
    Cons: High Price for Fast Food Restaurant
  • Lotte Shopping Avenue, LG Floor Main Lobby #38
    Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3 - 5
    (021) 2988-8909


    Category: Restaurant
    26 Jan 2014

    Good Food

    First time to try this restaurant in a new mall. We came with 6 people. Ordered steaks, ribs, pasta, salad, etc. The meals were great, they cooked well and the food just good. We all loved the food. The size was ok, even though they use a very small baked potato for the steak.

    The wine collection is also great, but they have expensive wines mostly (around Rp900,000 and above). It was really difficult to find white wines around Rp400,000. Finally, got the Robert Mondavi for Rp399,000. Pretty good wine with that price Happy

    Talking about the waiter, the order taking process was smooth and well explained by the waiter. However, when they were serving the foods to the the table then it was a chaos. They had no clue at all which dish belongs to who on the table. It didn't happen only once but every time or every dish. About 5 or 6 times. I was curious, why this restaurant has good food but their waiters are clueless.

    Overall, this restaurant is recommended if you want to have a nice steak, good wine and nice atmosphere. We came around 8pm on Saturday night and we were the only visitors in the restaurant.
    Pros: Good Steaks
    Cons: Lousy Waiters
  • Aryaduta Jakarta Hotel
    Jl. Prapatan No. 44 - 48
    (021) 2352-1234


    Category: Restaurant
    07 Oct 2012

    Overprice and No More 5-Star Quality

    I haven't been to this restaurant in years. Many years ago, this restaurant was famous of its Tepanyaki courses. However, I visited this restaurant today (Sunday lunch) and got VERY dissapointed. Shima did not have enough Tepanyaki chef and many Tepanyaki tables were empty.

    So, sat down for the ala carte section. The prices were expensive (similar like Sumire at Grand Hyatt and Edogin at Mulia hotel), considering Aryaduta can't be compared with Grand Hyatt and Mulia hotel.

    Beef Teriyaki set (they informed that it was local beef): Rp275,000; Niku Udon: Rp125,000; Kaki Furai set:Rp148,000 and Shima Bento: Rp280,000.

    The verdict for this restaurant is way Overpriced. The meal size is small comparing to the price. The indoor lighting was also gloomy and old. I don't recommend to visit this restaurant. Too bad, they don't see what their competitors are doing outside the Aryaduta hotel; its management needs to wake up.
    Pros: Nothing
    Cons: Gloomy, Small Size and Overprice
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