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  • Grand Indonesia, West Mall 3rd Fl Unit Alun Alun Indonesia
    Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
    (021) 2358-0875

    Waroeng Kopi

    Category: Restaurant
    25 Mar 2012

    Terrible Service

    I came to this restaurant because of their Indonesia food and desserts on Sunday afternoon. Ordered Fried Banana and it took about 25 minutes. I complained twice during waiting for my dessert, it was the only food that I ordered beside my ice coffee. Finally, it arrived and did not taste good because they put melted brown sugar sauce. They did NOT even say sorry for their service.

    I don't recommend to come to this place at all. Located in a nice mall but their staffs are just terrible.
    Pros: Food is not bad
    Cons: Very bad service
  • Jl. Raden Saleh Raya No. 29
    (021) 391-4658


    Category: Restaurant
    17 Jan 2012

    Bisa Makan Banyak

    Nasi Padang ada favorit semua orang di Indonesia. Kita coba makan di restoran Sederhana yang di Raden Saleh, tempat parkirnya luas yang disediakan. Suasana di dalam restorannya juga lumayan bersih dan banyak meja tersedia serta tidak terlalu dekat dengan meja lainnya. Makan 6 potong ayam (pop, goreng, gule), telur belado, sayur nangka, sayur daun singkong, daging kentang, perkedel kentang, nasi putih dan teh tawar hanya Rp150 ribuan untuk 2 orang. Benar-benar good value for money kalau makan disini. Jadi bisa makan banyak.
    Pros: Enak, Banyak Pilihan, Harga Terjangkau, Parkir Luas
    Cons: Perlu renovasi interior
  • Jl. H.O.S. Cokroaminoto No. 122
    (021) 314-7220

    Izzi Pizza

    Category: Restaurant
    06 May 2011

    AC nya tidak dingin

    ini tempat dari luar tidak ketahuan buka atau tutup karena tampak luar seperti bangunan yang terlantar.

    masuk makan, sudah pesan dan complain AC nya tidak dingin. pindah-pindah meja karena cari yang di bawahnya AC. tetap saja tidak berasa dinginnya. padahal 5 AC ceiling. management nya perlu sidak nih karena kesannya tempat ini tinggal tunggu tutup saja atau mungkin outlet yang ini fokus untuk delivery saja.

    saya tidak akan kembali lagi ke outlet yang ini
    Pros: None
    Cons: Panas, AC Tidak Dingin
  • Jl. Pratama, Tanjung Benoa
    Nusa Dua
    (0361) 774-502

    Bumbu Bali Restaurant

    Category: Restaurant
    13 Jan 2011

    Romantic Restaurant

    I came to this restaurant was quite late after 9:30pm in the evening. They have an open kitchen for grill, open space for traditional dance performance, romantic setting for dining area and clean. Too bad I came alone to this restaurant.

    I ordered a large Bintang beer bottle and Be Celeng Base Manis. The beer came first and it was very cold beer the way I love it. They also served a bowl full of kerupuk for the snack. Yummy... Then, the meal came just about 5 mins after I ordered. The service was fast. The meal served with kangkung, acar, kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) on the side. Very delicious. The set came with 2 bowls of rice, red and white rice. Good portion overall.

    The service by staffs were friendly and always smiled.

    The bill came and it was just above Rp150,000. The large beer was Rp40,000; it was a good deal because with that price you can only get a regular bottle in Jakarta. The meal was Rp85,000. Good value here guys...

    I sent some photos to Love Indonesia; hopefully, they upload my photos.

    I highly recommend for people to come to this restaurant because they have good place, food, cold beer, price and ambience. I will return to this restaurant.
    Pros: Good Value & Good Portion for Food
    Cons: Almost None
  • Plaza Indonesia Extension, 5th Floor
    Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30
    (021) 2992-3648


    Category: Restaurant
    08 Jan 2011

    Affordable Fushion Japanese Food

    This restaurant serves fushion Japanese food. They serve fushion sushi, udon, ramen, teriyaki, tepanyaki, donburi (over rice), tempura, etc.

    The staffs' knowledge needs to be improved. We asked for tempura sauce but the staff gave me a teriyaki sauce. This outlet also needs more staffs because we had to wait for sometime to get chili, soy sauce, wasabi. We were there during lunch time.

    Overall, this outlet is ok and affordable; not expensive. The food tastes good. I still recommend people to eat at this outlet.
    Pros: Good Udon & Sushi
    Cons: Staffs' Knowledge Needs For Improvement
  • Senayan City, LG Fl Bl Unit 70
    Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
    (021) 500-328
    (021) 7278-1689

    Fat Burger

    Category: Restaurant
    03 Dec 2010

    Burger With Egg (telor mata sapi)

    Burger di Jakarta satu-satunya yang ada pilihan pakai telor mata sapi, selain bisa pakai keju dsn bacon. Very yummy... Higly recommended. Order yang fatburger sudah cukup kenyang dengan skinny french fries. Kalau lapar bisa pesan double fatburger juga. Porsi cukup besar. Mereka ada onion ring juga selain skinny/wedge french fries.

    Tempat cuci tangan agak jorok sepertinya kurang sering dibersihkan. Supervisor nya perlu sering memonitor. Pelayanan dari staff cukup friendly.

    Keseluruhan, highly recommended bagi yang suka burger.
    Pros: Yummy Burger
    Cons: Tempat Cuci Tangan Kotor
  • Pertokoan Kauten
    Jl. Raya Kuta No. 40, Badung
    (0361) 755-175

    Bali Nikmat

    Category: Restaurant
    16 Nov 2010

    Good Chinese Seafood

    I would say that this restaurant has one of the best seafood in chinese-style cooking in Bali. This restaurant exists for many years, they have live seafood tanks outside the restaurant and you can choose which you want to order and they will weight them for you.

    I ordered a crab with spring onion, ginger and oyster sauce (saos tiram). It was delicious, you won't regret when you order this dish. The steamed shrimps were also great.

    The interior, the owner needs to renovate to improve. However, many people still come to this restaurant.

    Its staffs gave good service as well.

    Overall, they have great foods and highly recommended for domestic or foreign tourists who look for good chinese food.
    Pros: Tasty Crabs
    Cons: Need to renovate
  • Jl. Pasir Putih, Pantai Kedonganan
    (0361) 704-540
    (0361) 793-3362

    Blue Ocean Seafood

    Category: Restaurant
    16 Nov 2010

    Great Seafood On The Beach

    I wanted to eat nice seafood outdoor preferably on the beach while in Bali. So, the famous area is Jimbaran area (South Kuta area) for the seafood. This restaurant is more properly managed and not so crowded because there are only 20-24 seafood restaurants in where Blue Ocean Seafood is located; some years ago there were about 50 seafood restaurants in the same area.

    The wooden furnitures are setup on the beach. If you arrived at 17:30, you can sit at the table where right next to the ocean wave and enjoy the sunset. Beautiful view and we can't find that kind of view in Jakarta.

    The food, you could pick which kind of seafood that you want to eat. They will weight the seafood for you to figure out how much it will cost you. You can pick lobster, crabs, prawns, fish (red snapper, baronang, baramundi, etc.), calamari, or mussel. They can prepare the seafood in Balinese, Chinese or Western style.

    I ordered 1 crab with plain steamed and the other one with oyster sauce and ginger, fried calamari, grilled red snapper and pan-fried prawns with butter. All dishes were delicious.

    It comes to the bill payment, I'm surprised that I can still find a restaurant in Bali that still charges 3% credit card charge. I remember about this restaurant charge in Bali in early 80's but I guest it still exits in some places in Bali. I thought I was back in early 80's with time machine when paying the bill in this restaurant that has great seafood.
    Pros: Tasty Grilled Seafood
    Cons: 3% Visa/MC Credit Card Charge
  • Jl. Raya Kuta No. 65
    (0361) 755-149

    Bali Bakery

    Category: Restaurant
    16 Nov 2010

    Many Cuisine Types

    I'm surprised that you need to pass a human-size metal security detector (like at the airport) to enter this bakery. I found out that this bakery also serves asian & western foods such as oxtail soup, all kinds of noodles, pizza, salad buffet, ice cream, etc. Of course, they also doughnut, pastries, cakes, along with coffees and/or teas. This outlet has many patrons and I noticed about more than 20 tables at least on the first floor.

    I ordered different kinds of pastries and breads. They have 2 cash registers but the girls working there just operated only 1 cash register (POS). So, long queue and the cashier got confused with many orders & panicked. The cashier apparently had to settle bills from the Dong Dong restaurant (right next to Bali Bakery, under the same roof). I had to wait for at least 10 minutes to settle my bill. I complained to the cashier, at the end the cashier didn't even say apologize or appreciate for the business; she just gave a nasty look to me.

    The owner, should improve the service quality and should operate 2 cash registers when the business is busy. Simple stuffs but need to have the attention from the owner.
    Pros: Many varieties of food
    Cons: Not so good service quality
  • Plaza Senayan, P4 Floor Unit P407
    Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
    (021) 572-5510
    (021) 572-5520

    Sushi Sei

    Category: Restaurant
    08 Oct 2010

    Good Sushi

    This restaurant has good service. Their food tastes delicious. I come to this restaurant regularly but it just happened that I found a long hair between the tuna & rice sushi.

    Overall, I still recommend this restaurant if you like good sushi & sashimi in Plaza Senayan mall.
    Pros: Good sushi & sashimi sets
    Cons: Hair in my sushi
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