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  • Jl. Raya Pajajaran 35
    (0251) 834-2945
    (0251) 831-8007

    Permata Hotel

    Category: Hotel
    26 Nov 2011

    So so service and food

    the only pros from this hotel is the location. The room is so so, old, with basic amenities. the food mostly tasteless, and very standard. If you're on business trip and spend most of your time outside, it'll probably suit you, but not for vacation, meeting, office or family gathering.
    Pros: strategic location
    Cons: so so service, food, room
  • Jl. RE. Martadinata No. 112
    (022) 426-1537

    Black Market

    Category: Restaurant
    19 Nov 2011

    Various dishes with cozy style

    This food court is cozy and suitable for family. With reasonable price and various Indonesian dishes, no wonder that the resto is always pack with people. Try its iga bakar (grilled ribs) or steak jadoel (old days steak) which has tender and delicious meat and sauce. If you're a daredevil, try its tulang jambal, a very hot and spicy salted fish with rice. Unfortunately, there's no restaurant policy to separate the smokers from the rest of the family visitors (with babies or little children).
    Pros: Various and generally delicious dishes
    Cons: no separation for non-smoking and smoking person
  • Komp. Boulevard
    Jl. Raja Ali Haji Bl CC No. 08 - 18
    (0778) 459-109

    Triniti Hotel Batam

    Category: Hotel
    12 Nov 2011

    Minimalist Boutique Hotel

    this boutique hotel is small, with friendly staffs and budget price. The room is generally clean with basic amenities. For hotel guest, sauna and jacuzzi is compliment from the hotel, as well as the fitness room. However it only has a few fitness equipment and most of them are rusty. The food is standard and so-so. Fortunately this hotel is located near Nagoya Hill Mall so just roam at the mall to get decent food. There are also some food stalls and small restaurants near the hotel with varieties of food.
    Pros: Efficient and quite clean
    Cons: the location
  • Atrium Plaza, 2nd Floor #13 - 16
    Jl. Senen Raya No. 135
    (021) 386-3359
    (021) 7590-9277

    Platinum Resto

    Category: Restaurant
    07 Nov 2011

    international taste

    This restaurant serves Asian cuisines, mostly Chinese fusion dishes, thai n some Indonesian as well. Quite spacious so you might hang out with friends or family here. the staffs are friendly as well as the price.
    Pros: fast service, friendly staff
  • Plaza Semanggi, 3rdA Fl Unit 11 - 12 A
    Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 50
    (021) 9069-0555

    Kedai Hulubalang

    Category: Restaurant
    06 Nov 2011

    Malay Fusion

    This restaurant is quite cozy with friendly service and price Happy However, it is not as original as I thought for a restaurant with a motto "Malay dishes". More likely, it specializes in fusion or peranakan dishes. But don't be disappointed, you might enjoy its nasi lemak, it is simple yet tastes good, or Penang char kwee teow, which is quite delicious as well. For beverages, try teh tarik, although its bit too sweet for me, but taste good.
    Pros: fast service, not crowded
    Cons: Not an original Malay dishes
  • Blok M Plaza, LG Fl Bl A Unit 8
    Jl. Bulungan No. 76
    (021) 720-9468
    (021) 720-9066

    Kafe Ngemil Ikan Bakar & Seafood

    Category: Restaurant
    06 Nov 2011

    simple yet delicious snack

    This cafe actually specializes in Indonesian seafood style dishes, such as gurame terbang or bakar (grilled or fried gurame). However, if you're just looking for snacking, it also provides you with traditional snacks such as tahu kipas (stuffed tofu with prawn), lumpia udang (prawn spring roll) or mendoan (thin crusted fried tempe); and they're quite delicious. Worth to try..
    Pros: spacious place
    Cons: air conditioner not cool enough
  • Ciputra Mall, UG Fl Unit 30 B
    Jl. Arteri S. Parman
    (021) 500-558
    (021) 5695-4858

    Pepper Lunch (Express)

    Category: Restaurant
    04 Nov 2011

    Hot Sizzling and Delicious

    Fast food type restaurant specializing in Japanese hot plate dishes.The chicken salmon hot plate is simple but quite delicious. You have to stir and mix the sauce, vegetables and salmon and chicken to get the flavour. It's a cozy place to hangout with friends for its strategic location combine with friendly price. However, it wouldn't satisfy your appetite if you're a big eater since the portion is small.
    Pros: Fast service
    Cons: Small Portion
  • Atrium Plaza, 4th Fl
    Jl. Senen Raya No. 135
    (021) 351-1277

    Quantum Bistro

    Category: Restaurant
    01 Nov 2011

    not recommended

    with bad service e.g. time from order until you'll get your dish more than 40 minutes, and a lot of unavailable dishes as shown in the menu, no wonder that this restaurant is very quiet. On my lunch time with my friends, we ordered hotplate noodle with capcay seafood, we found a carterpillar inside the cauliflower. Not recommended.
    Pros: cozy bench
    Cons: bad service
  • Ciputra Mall, LG2 Floor #18
    Jl. Arteri S. Parman
    (021) 563-6751

    Yopie Salon

    Category: Spa & Beauty
    27 Oct 2011

    cukup Oke

    Dengan harga cukup terjangkau, salon ini bisa memenuhi apa yang dimaui pelanggan. Hairstylistnya cukup ramah, pelayanan lumayan oke. Sayangnya, karena di mal dan dekat kampus, apalagi harga terjangkau, jadinya musti ngantre lumayan lama.
    Pros: tau kemauan pelanggan
    Cons: padat
  • Citra Raya Cikupa Perum, Unit 21
    Jl. Raya Serang Km. 14.7
    (021) 596-1364

    Lenny Salon Spa and Beauty

    Category: Spa & Beauty
    27 Oct 2011

    Blow Dry ajalah

    krn terletak di area perumahan, kebanyakan pengunjung adalah warga sekitar. tidak banyak pengunjung saat kesana, jd bisa lsg ditangani kapster. Sayangnya mereka tidak bisa memenuhi potongan rambut yg saya inginkan, padahal hanya utk potongan pendek sederhana. mungkin kalau hanya sekedar blow dry, mereka bisa Happy
    Pros: harga murah
    Cons: kapster tidak bisa memenuhi apa yg diminta pelanggan