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  • Menara BCA, 56th Floor
    Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.1
    (021) 2358-6996


    Category: Bar & Club
    21 Jun 2012

    Best Sunset View Of Jakarta

    You guys have to visit after 4pm in the afternoon to watch the sunset. Nobody can enjoy sunset in Jakarta unless you go to Skye. They have seats that you don't need to reserve actually, just show up and buy some drinks or snacks there.

    If people complain about can't get any bookings there, then it is normal in Jakarta for a new hang out place. Thousands of people want to be in Skye, you just need to be persistent.
    Pros: Nice Outdoor Lounge on the 56th Floor and the sunset
    Cons: Terrible When It Rains
  • Mulia Hotel
    Jl. Asia Afrika Senayan
    (021) 575-3275

    CJ's Bar

    Category: Bar & Club
    11 Jun 2011

    Good Club

    I came to CJ on Monday night around 11:30pm and the place was amazingly full. There were 5 sofas that were already taken.

    i took 1 sofa with my clients and we just enjoyed our time there. CJ has good local band on each Monday night.

    No complain, just the drinks are expensive in CJ.

    I would recommend people to visit CJ on Monday night because it's the only happening place on Monday night in Jakarta.
    Pros: Friendly Staffs
    Cons: Expensive Drinks
  • Plaza Senayan, P5 Fl Unit 500 CP
    Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
    (021) 5790-5856

    Marche Restaurant

    Category: Restaurant
    13 Feb 2011

    Good Grilled Salmon

    I like the grilled salmon here, you can order with baked potato k eat the salmon with chili garlic sauce. Yummy... The pizza is great too, you can pick your own toppings. They serve fresh juices too and you can watch they prepare the juices for you.

    Many months ago, they serve Movenpick ice cream; now they serve local made ice cream and lousy because the freezer was not cold enough. The icre cream was just horrible.

    The place do not have enough air conditioning because it was a bit warm for me.

    The staffs were friendly but I don't like when the staffs scream pretending like it was in a Swiss market. I got enough headache from the office and went to eat peacefully but instead I had to hear all these loud annoying screaming from staffs. Just not a good day to eat at Marche.

    Good good. Just have to east quickly when the place was warm and the staffs start to yell and scream...
    Pros: Good Food & Fresh Juices
    Cons: No More Movenpick Ice Cream & Warm Temperature
  • Grand Indonesia, West Mall 3rd A Floor #08-09A
    Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
    (021) 2358-0647
    (021) 2358-0648

    Jun Njan Restaurant

    Category: Restaurant
    21 Jan 2011

    No Priority for Non Smokers

    Restaurant ini aneh, kenapa yang tidak merokok harus duduk diluar. Sedangkan yang merokok duduk di dalam. Saya datang untuk makan siang dan tempat luas di dalam restaurant hanya tersedia bagi yang merokok dan tidak terlalu rame yang duduk di dalam. Saya kecewa sekali dengan management/owner dari restaurant ini.
    Pros: Good Food
    Cons: No Priority for Non-Smokers
  • Oakwood Premier Cozmo, G Floor
    Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan E 4.2 No. 1
    (021) 2554-2378
    (021) 2995-6146


    Category: Restaurant
    17 Dec 2010

    Good Crowd

    Loewy has a good crowd after work. They serve many different kinds of martinis. I recommend people to stop by at loewy after work.

    Food wise, I think Loewy needs to change the foods in their menu because they don't change their menu after many years. Please add more Indonesian foods in the menu because we Indonesians prefer Indonesian foods. Loewy also needs to add more finger food varieties in the menu to accompany the beer drinkers.
    Pros: Nice Bar Atmosphere
    Cons: Foods Need More Varieties & New Food Items
  • Plaza Indonesia, 4th Floor Unit E10 A
    Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30
    (021) 2992-4138
    (021) 3983-8250

    Ootoya Japanese Restaurant

    Category: Restaurant
    13 Dec 2010

    Good Japanese Food

    This Japanese restaurant-chain is originated from Japan; their first restaurant in Japan was established in 1958. The restaurant has spacious seating layouts. So, people from other tables can't really hear your conversation. Straight to the food, I would recommend the following:

    Appetizers: Hotate or Caesar Salad
    Main Courses: Sumidon (beef over rice) or Oyakodon (chicken and egg over rice), Hokke or Saba fish, Cold Udon/Soba or Okosama Udon (they also have sets for noodle)
    Rice: Hijiki Seaweed or Jakko Fish Rice
    Side Dishes: Korroke (Croquette)
    Desserts: they have variety of Japanese desserts that you could try

    Their staffs also provide pretty good service. You could see some Japanese customers have their lunch/dinner in Ootoya; it shows that this restaurant serves good Japanese food in the Mall.
    Pros: Not Expensive
    Cons: None
  • Grand Indonesia, West Mall G Fl Unit 15
    Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
    (021) 2358-1862
    (021) 6060-5522


    Category: Restaurant
    10 Dec 2010

    Service Parah Sekali

    AC tidak dingin di Kopitiam ini, begitu masuk langsung berasa hangat pada jam makan siang jam 13. Nasi Lemak & Oxtail Soup sudah habis jam 13, payah deh dapurnya nih. Pesan Char Kwey Tiau, ternyata kebanyakan kecap manis; jadi tidak bisa dimakan.

    Staff ada 6 orang, pada sibuk di counter dan sepertinya agak overload pekerjaannya. Agak lama memang kalau memberikan pelayanannya.

    Not recomended. Owner harus check benar ini outlet karena saya tidak recommend sama sekali untuk makan di Kopitiam Grand Indonesia
    Pros: Tidak ada bagusnya
    Cons: Very Bad Service Quality & Food Tastes Bad
  • Graha BIP, G Fl
    Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 23
    (021) 520-6789


    Category: Bar & Club
    09 Dec 2010

    Best Club in Jakarta

    I would say this club is the most happening club in Jakarta on Wed and Fri nights. Nice interior, services, good security and no drugs. So, anybody can feel safe partying in DF. The music also makes you want to shake your body. This club has many good looking babes and they really dressed up to party and look sexy.

    However, some white man at the bar are hunting for the professionals and some man acting as the matchmaker in DF Happy

    Highlight: a must visit to this club on Wed and Fri nights and party hard
    Pros: Good Looking Babes
    Cons: White Boys Looking For Profs