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  • Living World Alam Sutera, UG Fl Unit 18 & 1st Fl Unit 20
    Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard Kav. 21
    (021) 5312-8577
    (021) 5312-8579

    ACE Home Centre

    Category: Shopping
    26 Aug 2012

    big but full

    this is one of the grand ACE, really big space.
    but fill with too many stuf, a get confused inside.

    it's really worthy if you want to buy lots of things that have a really good quality with great deals..
    friendly employee and really complete home equipments
    Pros: really big ace
  • Jl. Pulo Raya 1 No. 24
    Kebayoran Baru
    (0815) 821-2142

    Narsih Salon

    Category: Spa & Beauty
    26 Aug 2012

    overall review

    they use rag to wax you,
    i've seen how they wash it and it's not hygienic, AT ALL

    and sometimes when there's not enough beds, they ask if you want to get wax on chair. don't ask me how because i never want to do it
    Pros: service not to bad, they usually friendly.
    Cons: really not hygienic (at least for me)